도쿄대학 미술사학 학사

2013 <백남준의 주파수로: 스코틀랜드 외전>, 에든버러대학교 탤봇라이스갤러리, 스코틀랜드
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1999 독인 브레멘 쿤스트할레에서 대규모 회고전
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1982 <백남준> 회고전, 휘트니 미술관, 뉴욕
1974 <백남준: 비데아와 비디올로지>, 에버슨 미술관, 뉴욕

1932 Born as youngest child (3 sons and 2 daughters) of father Paik Nak Seung and
mother Jo Jong Hee at Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul on July 20.

1945 Admitted to GyeongGi High School.

1952 Admitted to College of Humanities, The University of Tokyo in Japan.

1956 Graduated from Dept., of Aesthetics, The University of Tokyo.
Admitted to The University of Munich.

1958 Met John Cage while participating in a summer lecture program
for international modern music (1957~1959) in Darmstadt, Germany

1959 Published 〈Homage to John Cage〉 at Gallery 22 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

1962 Participated in a Fluxus founding performance
〈Fluxus, An International Festival for a New Music〉in Bisbaden, Germany.

1963 Held his first solo exhibition 〈Exposition of Music - Electronic Television〉
at Gallery Parnass in Wuppertal, Germany.

1964 Produced together with Shuya Abe.Performed
〈Opera Sextronique〉 together with Charlotte Moorman and performed his
first robot series 〈Robot Opera〉.

1965 Held his first solo exhibition in the United States 〈Electronic Arts〉
at Galeria Bonino in New York.

1974 Recollection Exhibition 〈Nam June Paik: Videa 'n' Videology, 1959-1973〉
at Everson Museum of Art in New York

1977 Married the video artist Kubota Shigeko.

1978 Professor of National Arts Academy, Dusseldorf

1981 Honored by Willi Gnohmann Prize awarded by Berlin Arts Archive.

1982 Recollection Exhibition 〈Nam June Paik〉 at Whitney Museum in New York

1984 Produced a 3-Part Live Satellite Broadcasting Series 1 〈Good Morning Mr. Owell〉.

1986 Produced the 3-Part Live Satellite Broadcasting Series II

1988 Produced the 3-Part Live Satellite Broadcasting Series III .

1992 Recollection exhibition first in Korea, 〈Nam June Paik's Recollection Exhibition
Video Space and Video Time〉 at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

1993 Honored by Golden Lion Medal at Venice Biennale.

1995 Participated in the 1st Gwangju Biennale with his special exhibition
〈InforArt〉in Gwangju, Korea.
Honored by Hukuoka Asian Culture Award.
Honored by the 5th Hoam Arts Award.

1996 Fell due to cerebral apoplexy in New York.

1997 Honored by Goethe Award from Goethe Institute in New York.

1998 Received Kyoto Award.

2000 Millennium Satellite Broadcasting Project〈Tiger is Alive〉

2002 〈Transmission〉at Rockefeller Center, New York

2006 Passed away at his home in Miami on Jan. 29.