Park, Hyo Jeong

M.F.A. in Sculpture, Ewha Womans University
B.F.A. in Sculpture, Graduate of Ewha Womans University

1997 The 6th Korea Fine Arts Grand Prix, Special Selection
1993 The16th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Contest, Excellent Special Selection
1992 Dong-Ah Fine Arts Contest, Excellent Special Selection
1991 The 6th Seoul Modern Sculpture Contest, Excellent Special
1990 The 8th Youth-Fine Arts Contest, Grand Selection

Solo Exhibition
2007 “Scale of Time Ⅱ” (Gallery Kaze. Osaka. Japan)
"Enchanted Garden 2007" (ESPACE GALERIE. Paris. France)
2006 “Scale of Time Ⅰ” (rho Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2004 "Enchanted Garden 2004" (21+Yo, Tokyo, Japan)
2003 "Enchanted Garden" (KAZE Gallery, Osaka)
2002 "Enchanted GardenⅡ" (Keumsan Gallery)
"A Latter from the Earth" (21+YO, Tokyo, Japan)
2001 "Enchanted Garden" (Elizabeth Edward Fine Arts, Palm Desert, CA)
"Enchanted Garden" (Keumsan Gallery)
1999 "Shadow of Water" (Gallery Fusion)
1996 "The emptiness or the fullness" (Gallery 2000)
1994 "Other side of thing on the earth" (Fine Art Center, Seoul)
1991 Invited Solo Exhibition of Chungnyuen Gallery

Group Exhibition
2003 Seoul Art Fair (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
Print Art Fair (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
Shanghai International Art Fair (Shanghai Mart, China)
Wood Works Exhibition (Daejeon City Museum)
2002 Daegu Art Expo 2002 (Daegu Culture and Art Center)
Palm Springs International Art Fair (Palm Springs Convention Center, CA)
KIAF (Busan, Bexco)
2001 The Burgeoning Asian Century (Contemporary Art Space Osaka/
KAZE Gallery, Japan)
The Contemporary Asian Sculpture Exhibition (Young Eun Museum)
Palm Springs International Art Fair (Palm Springs Convention Center, CA)
2000 TORONTO International Art Fair (TORONTO Convention Center)
Seoul Art Fair (Seoul Art Center)
Commemorative Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of Opening
(National Theater of Art)
Intelligence & Sensibility for Opening 21C (Seoul Art Center)
2004 A Walk through Modern Art (National Museum of Contemporary Art)
Umbra (Sungkok Museum of Art)
With One Accord (Keumsan Gallery)


2007 시간의 비늘Ⅱ (Gallery Kaze. Osaka. Japan)
서있는 정원 2007 (ESPACE GALERIE. Paris. France)
2006 시간의 비늘Ⅰ(노화랑, Seoul. Korea)
2004 서있는 정원 2004 (21+Yo. Tokyo. Japan)
2003 서있는 정원Ⅱ (Gallery Kaze. Osaka. Japan)
2002 서있는 정원Ⅱ (금산갤러리. Seoul. Korea)
대지로부터의 서신 (21+Yo. Tokyo. Japan)
2001 서있는 정원 (금산갤러리. Seoul. Korea)
서있는 정원 (Elizabeth Edward Fine Art. Palm Desert. CA. USA)
서있는 정원 (Elizabeth Edward Fine Art. Laguna Beach. CA. USA)
1997 물의 그늘 (갤러리 퓨전. Seoul. Korea)
1996 비우기 혹은 채우기 (갤러리 2000. Seoul. Korea)
1994 대지위의 물상의 이면 (문예진흥원 예술회관. Seoul. Korea)
1991 청년미술대전 초대개인전 (청년미술관. Seoul. Korea)