M.F.A in sculpture, Ewha Womans University
B.F.A in sculpture, Ewha Womans University

Solo Exhibitions
2013 A Landscape (Gallery Art Link. Seoul. Korea)
The Second Garden (Choeunsook art£¦lifestyle. Seoul. Korea)
The Second Garden (Gallery Kaze. Osaka. Japan)

2011 Spring 2011 (Dosi Gallery, Busan, Korea)
Works from The J (Gallery Art Link. Seoul. Korea)

2010 Spring (Choeunsook art£¦lifestyle, Seoul, Korea)
Furniture in Sculpture (Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea)

2008 the Serene Answer (Gallery Artlink, Seoul, Korea)

2007 Scales of Time¥± (Kaze Gallery, Osaka, Japan)
¡®Enchanted Garden 2007' (Espace Galerie, Paris, France)

2006 Scales of Time¥°(Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea)

2004 ¡®Enchanted Garden 2004' (21+Yo, Tokyo, Japan)

2003 ¡®Enchanted Garden' (Kaze Gallery, Osaka, Japan)

2002 'Enchanted Garden' (Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
'A latter from the Earth' (21+Yo, Tokyo, Japan)

2001¡®Echanted Garden¡¯ (Elizabath Edward Fine Arts Laguna Beach, CA, USA)
¡®Echanted Garden¡¯ (Elizabath Edward Fine Arts, Palm Desert, CA, USA)
¡®Echanted Garden¡¯ (Kuemsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1999 ¡®Shadow of Water¡¯ (Gallery Fusion, Seoul, Korea)

​1996 ¡®The emptyness or the fullness¡¯ (Gallery 2000, Seoul, Korea)

​1994 ¡®Other side of thing on the earth¡¯ (Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

​1991 Invited solo exhibition of Chungnyuen Gallery (Chungnyuen Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

Art Fair
Korea International Art Fair (Seoul, Korea)
Seoul Artfair (Seoul, Korea)
Hongkong Hotel Artfair (Hongkong)
Shanghai International Art Fair (Shanghai, China)
Beijing Artfair (Beijing, China)
Huston Artfair (Huston, USA)
Hamton Artfair (Hamton, USA)
Miami Artfair (Miami, USA)
Parm Spring International Art Fair (CA, USA)
Art Chicago (Chicago, USA)
Toronto International Art Fair (Tronto, Canada)
NIKAF (Tokyo, Japen)
Art Central (Hongkong)
ART TAIPEI (Taipei, Taiwan)

Awards & Recognitions
1997 The 6th Korea fine arts Grand Prix, special selection

1993 The 16th Joong-Ang Fine arts Contest Excellent special Selection

1992 Dong-Ah Fine arts Contest Excellent special selection

1991 The 6th Seoul Modern Sculpture Contest Excellent special Selection

1990 The 8th Youth Fine Arts Contest Grand selection