The great interest on Asian contemporary artists is growing ferociously day by day in the art market and museums. The Chinese contemporary art being the flagship, Japanese, Korean and Indian contemporary art are playing the leading role as well, in the sudden rise of Asian art in the market.

Richard Tsao is a Thai American artist based in New York, since the 1980s. As an Asian artist working in the center of the world art scene, he is known for his active and brilliant creations internationally.

When I visited Tsao in his studio in Brooklyn, NY, the whole process of creation was shown to me through the sweat he bore, I could see clearly how he had put all his pure energy into it. The fantastic color shower from the ceiling allows a stream of colors which flood the space. The works created in this flooding space are like rock surfaces weathered by time, a long time. I think Tsao¡¯s quiet and profound smile resembles the weathered beauty of his art works.

Richard Tsao¡¯s works reflect the process of time which cannot be shortened artificially. It is a record of traces of time and endurance for at least several months, even up to many years and this is like life, a mixture and selection of coincidence and intention. The wonderful joy of discovering his works with various colors and forms is similar to finding a small rare stone which contains in itself the essence of the beauty of nature, the great mountains and forests.

Richard Tsao¡¯s exhibition is proudly presented by Gallery Artlink thanks to the talented curator and Asian contemporary specialist based in New York, Iris Inhee Moon. I express my deep gratitude for her helpful contribution.

It is the season of the tender light green leaves, April. The spring wind invites you to a very pleasant walk into Gallery Artlink to view Tsao¡¯s art world with a fresh spring taste.

Gallery Artlink
Lee Kyoung Eun